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Great teacher, incredibly patient! Made me feel very safe and confident the entire way through. Russ is able to adapt his teaching style to benefit his students and allows them to learn in a way that makes sense to them. I have dyspraxia meaning I struggle a great deal with doing many things at one and my hand eye coordination is terrible. However with his Russell’s help I managed to pass first time!! Something I never thought I’d be able to do. Thank you very much. 100% would recommend!

With Russell I passed 1st time with 0 minors! he was the perfect driving instructor, nothing was an inconvenience and i was allowed to go at whatever pace suited me. with Russell i felt comfortable with absolutely everything because if i wasn´t sure of anything all i had too do is ask and it wasn´t an issue. Russell is a brilliant instructor and i would recommend him to any learner driver.

I can´t recommend russ enough! after bad experiences with two other driving instructors, he´s been a lifesaver! he very quickly renewed my confidence in my driving ability, provided consistently high quality lessons at very reasonable prices, and was always flexible with times, which allowed for a stress-free learning experience. i finished every lesson feeling my driving had improved a little more, and ultimately achieved what i had previously thought to be impossible- i passed my test!

"Russ is a fantastic driving instructor, i passed 1st time. he is very friendly which makes learning to drive a lot easier. i highly recommend him to anybody"

Thanks to russ i passed my test first time with only 2 minors! russ is really patient and calm and is overall a lovely driving instructor. the mini is such a lovely car to learn in and i´m still working on trying to persuade my parents to buy me one! thanks again russ for your support :)

I´m so glad i chose to learn with russell. he is a very patient and friendly instructor who teaches in a very clear and supportive manner. you couldn´t ask for a more assuring or professional teacher. passed first time with 5 minors.

Thanks Russ, passed my test first time with only one minor. great tuition pays off. Great car to practice in. Russ is the most patient person in a car i´ve ever meet. sign me up for pass plus.

I passed my driving test first time with just 3 minors thanks to russell! i would definitely not have done so without him. he´s very flexible and easy to get in contact with, so always managed to fit lessons in around my school and exam schedule. i was a nervous driver but russ was such a calm and friendly instructor, always reassuring me whenever i started to panic. i am definitely going to miss driving in the mini too!

Lessons with Russell were always great fun and full of learning, I especially enjoyed learning in the mini and now want one of my own!! Russell's great teaching skills helped me to pass first time, with only 3 minors. :) i would recommend him to anyone as he is one of the best

Thanks a lot Russ!!

Russell is a fantastic driving instructor! His calm, friendly and down to earth manner and teaching style made his lessons comfortable, productive and highly enjoyable each time!

He really takes an interest in you as a person which meant it often felt just like having a friend in the car next to you. A superb teacher, he helped me pass first time with only 2 minors, I'm going to miss his lessons and I'd recommend him to anyone! (And the mini is awesome!)

Russell was a great instructor!! He was really friendly and easy to get along with. He made my lessons fun and i could see the improvements in my driving from week to week. The lessons were easy to book, and it was really easy to get in contact with him! He helped me pass first time with only 3 minors! I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone! I will miss my lessons, especially learning in a mini cooper!!! Thanks Russell :)

I really enjoyed the process of learning to drive with Russell, I looked forward to all of my lessons and felt I had progressed after every one. Russell offered me good advice and tips for my general driving, enabling me to pass my test first time. The price of lessons was good too, and I was able to do them when it suited us both, I'd certainly recommend Russell to anyone who asks, he is a great instructor :)

Russell is a great instructor, with a commendable teaching style and a great sense of humour. I looked forward to my driving lessons with him, as each lesson provided me with more than enough help towards become a safe driver, not to mention the sexy car you get to learn in! But on a serious note, I would definitely recommend him. I passed first time within 3 months of beginning lessons, and received only one minor in my test. Thanks for all your help Russ!

Russell is a very friendly and excellent driving instructor.

I had previously had problems ʼgetting onʼ with other driving instructors but Russell has a much more open minded approach to driving which allowed me to progress. Within 20 hours with Russell i was able to achieve a standard which is at test level, though unfortunately I had to leave the area and was unable to take my driving test in Brackley.

I highly recommend Russell as a driving instructor!

Russell was an excellent, great value and friendly instructor who was always on hand for advice - right from booking my theory, throughout my lesson course and through my test which I passed first time. Timings were always flexible and we moved swiftly meaning I passed my practical test 3 months after my 17th which was excellent. His advice was relevant to the real world of driving and not just to pass the test, and when it came to advanced driving after passing, he was happy to provide me with information.

I was so happy with the manner he taught that I took my pass plus the week after passing my test which gave huge discounts on insurance.

Thanks very much and Iʼd definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an instructor!

Learning with Russ was great fun and he managed to make the learning experience really enjoyable. I really looked forward to the lessons, which were very simple to arrange, with a quick text a few days before! The times in which I had my lessons were very flexible and now and again Russ picked me up from school! Russell really helped to 'smooth' out my driving style and I managed to pass first time with only 3 minors! Russ is such a legend and I really got on with him from the start and will miss his drivng lessons greatly! I have recommended him to all my friends! Thanks Russ!!

Before I started driving with Russell,I had had 2 previous drving instructors and i couldnt get through a test with either of them. My confidence was low but Russell helped me build it back up again to become a good driver and finally pass my test.I would recommend him to anyone. And the cars great too!

Russell was excellent!

really good instructor and great guy.

ridiculously calm even when your panicking haha!

I really enjoyed my lessons and will definitely do my pass plus with him.

thoroughly recommend Russell to anyone looking for an instructor! :)

I was fairly nervous about starting my lessons, I shouldn't have been! Russ helped make me feel relaxed and confident.

Russ was very reassuring when I felt I wasn't doing too well. We'd always end up laughing at something, and yes sometimes it was at my driving!

Russ was always so positive. His positivity gave me the confident and belief in myself that I needed to pass first time with only 3 minors!

I would highly recommend Russ to anyone thinking of taking driving lessons.

Thanks Russ, you're a star! X

Russ was the best driving instructor i could have possibly have hoped for. He was always calm and possitive I was a ridiculously nervous driver and im sure I wouldnt have passed my test with anyone else! he was always kind and friendly, and he made me feel confident. Russ is one of the rare driving instructors that cares not just if you pass you test but also that you are a confident and safe driver after your test. he was absolutely brilliant in every way and i would highly recomend him to anyone!

Thanks Russ

Rheanne :)

Russell was a brilliant and calm instructor! Extremely patient with everyone, even the most nervous of people!

Very easy to get along with, easy to talk to and very friendly. I learnt very quickly with Russell and passed my test sooner than i expected, he was very supportive! Fantastic instructor and fantastic car to learn in too!

I came back from University in May and started learning with Russell. After failing my test twice four years ago, I was extremely nervous at the thought of getting back in the car and having to take the test again! Russell had taught my younger sister to drive and she passed first time with him. Russell gave me confidence in my own driving and he was so patient and calm! I passed in July with only one minor. It proves that Russell can teach anyone to drive, even those like me who are nervous drivers. Thank you Russell for all your support.

Russell was brilliant, passed my test first time with 3 minors, after only 20 hours of lessons and 4 months after my 17th! Extremely easy to get on with and chatty.

I highly recommend Russell as your driving instructor!

He is very easy to talk to, gives excellent advice, friendly, supportive, very PATIENT, and has a great sense of humour! (which helped ease the nerves on my first few lessons)

I highly admire his techniques and methods of teaching to helping you to become a safe and confident driver for life (two of the most important things you NEED to drive on the road!)

Russell had helped me pass first time with just only 2 minors!

He was very thorough in ALL the lessons i had with him, and took me almost every route that the examiner would have taken me to on test day. Also extended to outside Banbury, so i could take a taster of the 'real world' when driving independantly. And learning in his Mini is such a great car to learn in; very fun, great handling, easy gear change and managing on those ghastly hill starts(!), and especially great with all maneuvers!

Thank you Russell for making this transition a memorable and enjoyable one!-xxx

Learning to drive with Russell was an easy and enjoyable process. He's flexable and understanding. The little techniques he teaches you and methods for remember what it is you're meant to be doing are extreemly helpful and make learning fun. He's always very layed back and relaxed, which helped me concentrate on what I was doing and enabled me to relax into it a bit more. If there's one particular thing you keep getting wrong Russell is always willing to keep trying and keep trying until you get it right. He is extreemly patient.

I would highly reccomend having driving lessons with him, I passed first time and didn't go out for my first drive alone feeling a complete nervous wreck! I felt confident that I knew what I was doing and it's all down to Russlls brilliant teaching!

Russell is a friendly, excellent and proffessional driving instructor; who wants you to succeed and do well. He was able to provide me with some techniques, in order to help me improve.

I passed first time with only 5 minors, and couldnt of done it without his help.

Thank you for everything and i would recommend you to anyone looking for an instructor:)

I took my test and passed first time with no minors but without Russel I would definitely not have! He is very easy to get along with making it easier to learn. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. Cheers Russel!

I took my test and passed first time with only 1 minor, definately couldnt have done it with out Russell. He was a great teacher, really relaxed and easy going and made learning simple. Would definately recommend him.

Thanks Russell

I have just passed my test with Russell this week. Somebody suggested I use a another driving school; they were not really interested in getting me through the test but making themselves more money. I went to Russell as I had seen him around the area giving lessons so gave him a call. He did a great job for me and I would definately recommend him to anybody looking for a real good instructor.

Thanks so much Russell, i passed yesterday first time. He was so friendly and chatty and did as much as he can to make me feel confident and relaxed when driving. Lessons were always flexible for when i had less courswork and exams. Just overall an amazing instructor, would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks !!!

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